The Blackhouse Grill, Chester

On Wednesday night me and L decided to go out for dinner to somewhere we've been meaning to go to for months, but never got around to it. The entire 3 years I was at university I never once went to The Blackhouse Grill, but always heard good things about it. I think what must have hindered my visiting is the fact that there is only really one main vegetarian option on the menu (bar a salad or two), which is not that surprising considering that it specialises in prime beef cuts and seafood.

The one main vegetarian option they offer is roasted vegetable fajitas, which I'm always a fan of, and so I was keen to give them a go and see how they fare compared to Hickory's, an American-style smokehouse just down the road that I've frequented many a time.

We rocked up around 7.30pm, which is late for dinner for us but seems to be the usual time to dine out for everyone else, and so without a reservation booked we were unsure whether we'd be seated. However, to our luck we we're immediately shown to at a spacious 4-seater table and handed the menus.

We ordered drinks. I deliberated on a cocktail but changed my mind and opted for a fresh juice instead - apple, mint and raspberry - described as 'fresh mint and raspberries lengthened with freshly pressed apple juice and sweetened with honey'. It came beautifully presented, alongside L's choice of Hornsby's cider, which neither of us had ever tried before. It was the nicest cider he'd ever had, and I'm really not a cider fan so I was suspicious, but had a sip out of curiosity, and I have to say it was pretty decent!

Usually I'm a sucker for a starter, however I decided to be sensible and just have a main course due to my tendency of scoffing down a starter and then being full before I've even caught sight of my main.

Of course, I opted for the roasted vegetable fajitas, which came impressively presented and instantly yielded a 'think you've got enough there!?' remark from L.

Naturally, L chose a burger, deciding on the 100% premium beef burger topped with smoked bacon and accompanied with a side of chips and tomato relish. I was feeling naughty and knew I'd be envious of L's chips so I caved in and ordered them as a side. 

It was absolutely delicious, and I have to say my fajitas were indeed better than Hickory's! 

Overall, I'd definitely recommend the Blackhouse. It was very nicely decorated and furnished inside, with very fast and efficient service, and they even had a live pianist playing. It was a tad noisy, however I think that was mainly due to the very enthusiastic American sitting one table down from us. I'd definitely like to visit again and venture into the starters and desserts. However that's if I ever can make it through a three course meal without feeling like I'm actually going to explode on the spot...

I did a blogger fail and took photos of the place on departure rather than when I arrived so it was dark when I took them, and I also somehow managed to make one of them terribly blurry, so tried to make up for it by taking another one the following day in daylight. There, I confess. 

Check out the Blackhouse's menu here.

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  1. the food looks awesome, i would definitely get the fajitas!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Thanks for stopping by danielle! It really was delicious x


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