DIY: Mulberry designer bag artwork

The other day when I was milling around the house I suddenly remembered a long time ago being inspired by HRH Collection's hanging pictures that I'd seen in the background of one of her YouTube videos. They were a mix of designer paper bags and designer dust covers that had been framed and I loved the look of it. I realised I had a Mulberry bag lying around that would work perfectly and so I headed into town, grabbed some supplies and immediately got to work.

The simple supplies you'll need are as follows:

- Scissors
- A hammer
- Picture hanging nails
- A suitably sized photo frame
- Your designer bag of choice
- Optional - Ribbon to hang the picture on if you can't hang it by the frame alone. Luckily I had some Mulberry ribbon that matched the bag - even better. 

It really couldn't be any simpler.

I cut the bag in half, and then cut the half I wanted to use down to the size of the frame I'd bought, popped it into place in the frame and then tied the ribbon around one of the clips on the back of the frame. Next, I chose the location on the wall that I wanted it to hang from (which I would later change about 3 times and leave multiple holes in the wall), hammered in a picture nail and hung it.

As you can see in the picture above, I got over excited and wanted to make more so I found a note that had come with my Mulberry clutch which I thought would look beautiful framed, and so did that as well. I think it turned out rather lovely.

It's a really simple way to add a bit of unique designer chic to your rooms, and it couldn't be any simpler to do. 

Like I said, I've seen it done with dust covers also, but you'll probably get a better effect with the bags due to the sturdiness of them and the cleaner effect they give. 

So, if you have any old designer paper bags lying around, definitely give it a go. It literally takes around 5 minutes, if that and it's really satisfying to make something so pretty and luxurious-looking yourself, for only a couple of pounds!

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  1. I am literally in awe. So creative and beautiful!


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