Interior design scrapbook: A peek inside my dream home

I'm unashamedly a bit of a property nerd in the sense that I get overly excited at anything to do with property selling, renovating, and particularly interior design. 

Sit me down in front of Homes Under the Hammer, 60 Minute Makeover, or Escape to the Country and I'm happy as larry. But most of all, my not-so-guilty pleasure is flicking through home magazines, especially 25 Beautiful Homes, and cutting out my favourite looks and sticking them into what I've made my 'Home' inspiration scrapbook. The plan is to keep this book until I own my own house and can truly bring to life the looks I've cut out and kept, but for now it serves as good dreaming material and I thought I'd let you have a sneek peek into it...

Just to make it even more nerdy, I categorise it into rooms and areas, such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, and so on. I even have baby room and conservatory...the geekiness is real...

As you can see above, I even add little notes alongside some of the images.

Like I said, 25 Beautiful Homes is my all-time favourite magazine to use for this - it's literally house porn.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've recently moved and so it's been a dream for me being able to decorate exactly how I want. There may or may not be a bedroom tour post coming up in the near future so see if you can spot any inspiration or overall themes and tastes that I've nabbed from my scrapbook.

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