Getting my bedroom and my sanity back

If you read my last blog post, you'll know that I've been pretty stressed recently and life has been, well, challenging for me. Not challenging in the typical sense of the word or I guess what most other people would see as challenging, but for me it was my version of challenging. Not having my own space was a real struggle for me, as I'm one of them people that really like my own space when I want it, and not being able to suddenly retreat to my bedroom was really frustrating. Anyway, to stop babbling, I have my bedroom, and thus my sanity, back!! A month and about three weeks later, but hey, it's back! I have a new carpet and new ceiling, and it's much improved. The day it was completed I literally power-walked back home to put all my furniture back together and in place and spent the evening decorating. I thought I'd share some pictures with you, because I'm just so pleased with it and so happy to be back with my own space.

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  1. Omg Beth, I love it! So happy that you're happy. Chuckled when I saw the framed Tom Hardy picture tehe! xx

  2. Thank you Jade! Haha had to be done, he is life!! xx


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