Gifts from Mulberry

I decided to share with you my main presents from L, as I'm so in love with them and they're too gorgeous not to share. I knew I was getting some things from Mulberry, but wasn't 100% sure what. I had an inkling it would be these items, and I was super pleased when I opened the bags to find it was.

The purse is made of the butteriest, softest leather, and has so much room for your things inside. I have a lot of loyalty cards and such, and so the extra spaces are brilliant.

I've been wanting a proper cardholder for some time now, and so I'm delighted to finally have one. My intention is to use it when I go out for a nice meal or drinks, kept inside my clutch to keep things organised. I'd like to use it on nights out but I don't trust myself to keep it in good condition, or to keep it at all! 

They are both lovely neutral shades, but the camera is not showing the justice. The purse is showing up much more yellow toned in the pictures than it actually is, and the cardholder is much more of a soft, powdery pink, described as 'oatmeal' on the tag. I apologise for the poor picture quality, my camera seems to be getting worse by the day! I hope you all got as lovely presents, and enjoyed giving presents just as much as you enjoyed receiving them, because I sure know I did. 

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