Tough Times

I'm apologising for the lack of blog posts at the moment. Whilst Christmas was lovely of course, life has been pretty testing recently. At the beginning of December there was a massive leak in our flat, which just affected my bedroom (typical), and was so bad that it meant my entire ceiling had to be taken down and re-done, as well as needing a new carpet. This happened around the 1st of December and I'm currently writing this on the 7th January from my mattress in the living room, which has become my temporary home and will be until the week of the 18th. It's crazy how much not having your own space affects you, and I'm really not a stressy person, but this whole fiasco has brought a whole level of stress to me that I've never experienced before. Alongside this happening I've been flooded with uni work for my masters, and have had to balance this with working 3-4 full days a week at my job. I'm the type of person that likes to keep busy but it all became a little too much for me this December, and my mood's really been affected. I think that once I have my room back everything will be better, but it's just been so long that I've had to put up with this for, I'm really fed up! I wish I could blog all lovely posts about nice things I've bought, days out and yummy meals, but at the moment I'm either too busy to do any of these things, or just not in the mood to blog about it if I do. I can't wait to shake this feeling off, because it's so out of character for me. I almost feel like I've developed some kind of anxiety I've been that stressed and on edge! Things are starting to look up though. Like I said, we now have a set date for the carpet to get installed, so once that's done I can finally move back into my room, get settled, have my own space back, and finally be able to have L stay over again. I have so much lovely stuff to decorate my room with, and it's so frustrating not being able to do anything with it. I've got some fun stuff coming up this month, including seeing Hozier live in Manchester this weekend, and clay pigeon shooting and air rifling with L for valentines day, which hopefully I will blog about. Amidst all this craziness I had to freeze my gym membership because I literally didn't have time to go, but not exercising has not only made me gain weight obviously, but has also made me feel sluggish and down about myself. Today I'd had enough of feeling like that and bought some weights from Argos so I can do about 90% of the stuff I do at the gym at home, until I can have the time to be able to get back into the routine of going. I think come February everything will be looking up again, so hopefully blog posts will become a regular thing again. Sorry for the diary-style rant, but I needed to put it somewhere! Keep your fingers crossed for my room getting done ASAP please!


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