First Class Bachelor of Science in Sociology


On Friday it was my graduation for my undergraduate Sociology degree and of course, it was a brilliant day!

I started the day by getting my hair done at Andrew Collinge, with my favourite hairdresser Louise, so that already started the day off on a good note.

I got my hair cut slightly shorter than usual, but I love it as it's made it feel a lot healthier, thicker and fuller, which it really needed.

Anyway, after the hairdressers I went home and did my make-up, put on my new French Connection dress and new heels and was ready to be picked up by my mum and step-dad. They arrived and came up to my flat and surprised me with some lovely graduation gifts!

I knew I was getting a bracelet from Chlobo, my favourite jewellery brand, but the rest was a surprise.

The bracelet is so gorgeous and it matches loads of my other jewellery, as well as my new tattoo...which you'll be seeing shortly!

They also got me a bottle of Cava (they wanted champagne but didn't have time to buy it hahaha. Apparently it's a nice one though...)

As well as some lovely Decleor goodies.

Presented in a beautifully presented box.

The Hydra Floral BB Cream.

As well as the Aroma Confort Moisturising Body Milk.

I'm really excited to try both of them out as I've never used anything from the brand before.

On top of all this they also got me some fridge magnets from Stratford-Upon-Avon, which I'd specially requested because I'd lost some of my old ones. 

I'm a big fan of Shakespeare and I think he's highly under-appreciated these days by my generation, which I think is mainly down to his use in English lessons in school, which makes people fed up with him, unfortunately. Luckily I was brought up with him and will forever hold a love and appreciation for his work. 

I was so grateful for my gifts, and after opening these we all headed off to collect my graduation gown and get pictures taken.

After having our pictures taken, we all headed off to either the Student Union (my grandma and grandpa went here to watch a live stream of the graduation because unfortunately they couldn't get tickets), or to the Cathedral for the ceremony.

I met my course friends and we took our seats within the Cathedral, whilst my mum, step-dad and dad took theirs.

The cathedral looked magical, like something out of Hogwarts.

The ceremony took place in all its splendour, and I took to the stage to shake the Chancellor's hand and receive my certificate. 

Afterwards, the obligatory pictures with family began.

And I proudly showed off my certificate.

Once the photoshoot was done we headed for a quick coffee to perk ourselves up and then it was off to Piccolino's for a celebratory meal - myself, the boyfriend, my grandma, grandpa, step-dad, mum and dad.

It was a perfect day and evening, and we all left feeling very merry and content, with bellies full of food and wine, and I was officially a First Class Bachelor of Science in Sociology.

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  1. It was a fab day and we were all so proud of you xxx


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