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I'm a tesco girl, have been since I started uni, and it's rewarded me over the years. Whenever I get my clubcard points through I use the boost system and convert them into restaurant vouchers, and this time I managed to redeem £30 worth for Zizzi. Not bad I say!

So, me and L headed out for a dinner date, chuffed in the knowledge that the bill would be pretty much on Tesco.

We asked for our favourite table, the one by the window (because we're both nosey), and perused the menus.

It had been ages since we'd been to Zizzi and I was thoroughly craving their delicious offerings.

For drinks, L ordered the Passion Fruit Punch, and I the Sicilian still lemonade, as always.

After much deliberation from L, and little from me (I may or may not have already looked at the menu beforehand and chosen what I wanted...keeno), we placed our orders.

We opted for a starter and a main instead of a main and pudding, and were not disappointed with our choice.

I felt like something different, something other than my old faithful bruscetta, and opted for the fonduta formaggi, which consists of 'a melting pot of gorgonzola, gruyere and pecorino cheese with 'little soul' bread for dipping'.

I was equal parts delighted and horrified at how much bread came with it. Delighted because I am a unashamed bread fiend, but horrified for my waistline.

It was delicious and I completely devoured the bread, leaving a little cheese and instead using the last 'little soul' to mop up a dreamy mix of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic. Though I have to admit I kept offering up bits of bread to L to try and quell my bread-overdose guilt.

L went much healthier and decided on the calamari.

Which he said was good, but didn't have a notch on Piccolino's. 

After we'd greedily polished off our starters, our mains arrived.

I chose the superfood salad, swapping the goats cheese for mozzarella, and adding a side of tuscan potatoes.

It tasted just as good as it looks. Though note the additions of MORE little soul bread - I simply felt obliged to leave these as I kind of felt that 6 rolls of bread was ever so slightly excessive, even by my standards.

Hilariously, due to his last minute decision-making on his main and being flustered by the waitress suddenly springing upon him, L mis-read the main dish he ordered.

Expecting a dish of baked pasta to arrive, he was very shocked to see the most ginormous calzone plumped in front of him. Especially as he'd never had calzone before and was bemused to what exactly it was that had been given to him for a minute or two.

Nevertheless, he thoroughly enjoyed the beast of a dish, and astonishingly managed to polish off the lot! I was impressed, and I think he was too - noting that it should have been an eating challenge it was that monstrously big!

We left feeling incredibly full and satisfied, got back home and immediately threw ourselves into bed, falling asleep in no time, knocked out in food comas.

Thanks Zizzi, and thanks Tesco!

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