Charlotte Tilbury is Queen

So I finally did it, I finally bought some of the magic made by the make-up Queen, and boy I wasn't disappointed. Spurred in part by my moment (or should I say days) of mourning after I realised I had somehow lost my new Mac Whirl the day before (I know, I'm still crying inside a bit), I was drawn towards the lip products.

I'd heard much about Pillow Talk lipliner, and so repeatedly swatched it, moving on to other products, but always coming back for one more look. I caved and asked the sales assistant if she could put it on me, but not before eyeing up the lipsticks. Mostly, but not entirely (okay fully) swayed by the name, I drooled over Bond Girl, and asked for that to be applied on top of Pillow Talk. It was instant love. Though a pairing not usually recommended by the Tilbs, I was happy with the way the two worked, knowing that they would be just as good on their own as they were together.

Pillowtalk on the lips

Bond Girl lipstick on top of Pillowtalk

As you can see, both are very wearable shades and could easily be worn day-to-day if you're looking to make yourself look a bit more put together. I suppose I should have done a picture with Bond Girl on its own, but I didn't, sorry! Anyway, I'm so in love with both of them and I think Pillowtalk is going to be my everyday go-to, with Bond Girl being my go-to when I want to add a little something-something. After getting these, all I can say of Charlotte Tilbury is...I wantttt moooorrreeeee!

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