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I'm really enjoying reading at the moment, so I thought I may as well share with you my current list of books that I'm either reading at the moment or waiting to start.

Currently I'm seriously into the Wolf of Wall Street book. I'm totally in love with Leonardo DiCaprio (YASSSS BABY ON YOUR OSCAR) and the Wolf of Wall Street is one of my favourite films, so when I watched it again recently I was so hooked and just wanted to know more about the real story, so I bought the book and it's amazing! Jordan Belfort is seriously honest, witty, and a charming story teller. Although he warns against thinking this early on in the book, god he is goals! As messed up and full of debauchery and illegality his life as the Wolf was, it was also amazing what he managed to achieve. 

I bought this book quite a few months back now, and it's one of them books that I will read a bit of, put it down for months and then pick it right back up again. It's one of the most interesting books I have ever read, as personally I love finding out about human nature and reasoning behind our existence and how we live and do what we do. It's super easy to read, and you'll learn so much whilst enjoying it.

Again, I have had this book for quite a while now but still haven't finished it. Not because it isn't good, but just because it is a book that you do not need to keep a pace with. It's aimed at business/management people, but basically it explains to you the reasoning behind everyday actions, thinking patterns, and decisions - both individual and collective. It really makes you think and makes you consider your actions. Another book that will teach you so much and you won't even realise you're being taught.

Keeping my love of fashion satisfied, this book was bought as a little indulgent read. Ralph Lauren is one of my all time favourite designers, and possibly one of my idols, and so the chance to find out more behind his life and his designs seriously appealed to me. Super easy to read and filled with pictures to go alongside the text, it's almost a mini coffee book style piece. Plus, it's by Vogue.

The story of Dorian Gray has intrigued me for a long time now, and whilst I have seen portrayals and odes to it within film and television (most recently in Penny Dreadful), I have never actually fully understood or read the original tale. I'm very excited to start this one!

Like I said, I really enjoy learning about the human race and the human body, and reasoning behind everything we do, so books like this seriously appeal to me. I hadn't heard anything about this and was simply intrigued by its blurb and so picked it up. I haven't even opened it yet, so I can't tell you at all whether it is any good or not, but I'm sure it will be as Sunday Times bestsellers are usually pretty on point. Plus I like the colour scheme...

Let me know if you have any recommendations of books you think I'd be interested in, and which ones are your favourites both at the moment and of all time.


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