Must-have of the moment #1: Aloe Vera Gel


I don't know what's going on or what's causing it but lately I've been getting extremely itchy in random places like the back of my knees, my ankles, and even the top of my bum cheeks of all places! (sorry if thats TMI). It particularly plagues me at night, which, naturally, I find highly annoying and discomforting - anything that comes between me and sleep spells disaster...

Anyway, I was given this in a goody bag when Holland & Barrett opened in Chester a couple of months back and it's been an absolute skin saviour ever since. It's made using 100% pure aloe vera and claims to help soothe, moisturise and soften dry skin. It also states that it can be applied to strecth marks, dry or chapped skin and skin irritations. I can attest to these claims and so can the boyfriend. 

Whenever late night random un-welcomed itching makes its appearance I leap out of bed and slather this stuff on, leading to instant relief. It's a clear gel consistency that is instantly cooling to the skin and leaves no real residue, only a mild tackiness on the skin if applied generously. I always panic that I will wake up with scratches and red rashes from where I itch myself but if I apply this I wake up with no evidence and no more itching (for the rest of the day anyway...). 

The boyfriend has also found this extremely handy as he gets eczema on his face and when he doesn't have his normal eczema cream to hand he uses this and it provides relief for not only the redness, but also the dry, flakiness that eczema brings to his skin. 

My tube is 100ml and that size will cost you only £3.99 at Holland & Barrett, and for 200ml it's £6.99. So, at such a good price I really don't think you can wrong. It's a wonderfully multipurpose product that I will definitely be re-purchasing when my tube runs out. 

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