Summer hair refresh: Andrew Collinge, Chester

Upon my return from America I was in desperate need of not only a haircut but also a colour refresh. As a result of living it up in the sun my hair had become a yellowy, barbie-blonde sun-bleached mess, complete with horrendous roots. Not a good look.

For the past year and a half or so I have been going to Andrew Collinge in Chester, and have never left disappointed. I always ask for Louise, and she always understands what I want done without fail. Since I began going there I always had the same colour done, but this time I felt like a bit of a change.

I was kind of sick of my mousy blonde roots being so prominent as soon as they started growing out, so this time I asked for my root colour to be kept as a base colour, with the usual highlights put through but more of the darker lowlights that I usually get. Overall, it's a much more subtle, blended look that I've gone for and fingers crossed it should mean that my roots aren't a problem the second they appear. Let me know what you think - I'm really happy with it and I'm so thankful that Louise knew exactly what I wanted and did it perfectly. Another brilliant experience at Andrew Collinge.

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